The cannabis industry brings with it a tornado of creative innovation and positive disruption wherever it goes. As the industry grows and spreads, we are seeing innovations which are unique to cannabis, as well as others that tackle existing methodologies, products and services used in other industries. One area where we are especially seeing a break from tradition is in manufacturing.

The hardware manufacturing industry, in its broadest terms, creates a massive assortment of tools, gadgets, and devices out of raw materials. It is a sector which has been around in some shape or form since the Agricultural Revolution 12,000 years ago. Hardware is an example of a specific sector of manufacturing that cannabis is disrupting. writer Lucas J. Wentworth asked industry leaders to share their thoughts about how the cannabis industry is innovating traditional hardware manufacturing. Danny Davis, Founder and Chairman of Convectium, predicts: 

"There is a significant amount of data suggesting that the momentum around concentrates will continue its upward trend. Thus, processors and extractors are constantly looking at new ways in which to increase yields. I believe that companies will begin leveraging machine learning to properly predict yields and AI systems to automatically adjust output accordingly. This means that no matter the input, the output is predictable for each strain or crop. Combined with automation systems for filling, bottling or packing, the increase in output will be substantial."

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