What hardware or devices can be filled with your filling machine?

The 710Shark can fill most cartridges, disposables, pods, tinctures, capsules and syringes on the market.

Can I customize my order to fit my brand and if so, which ones?

Absolutely! We specialize in custom branded products and have helped build many of the largest brands in the industry. Cartridges, disposables, and batteries can be fully customized with your logo as well as a variety of different colors, shapes, fits and finishes. Have a special project in mind or new device you want to build? We’ve got you covered!

What is the lead time on orders?

Machines are inventoried and ready to ship from our multiple warehouse locations. Customized cartridges, pods and disposables will take 15-18 days from artwork approval.

710Shark v7.5 Filling Machine

How much oil loss will occur with each batch, within the machine and oil reservoir?

There is little-to-no loss because we do not use an “oil line.” Instead we use 100 individual pistons to push the oil out. The channelized oil basin allows the needles to sit deeper in the oil, leaving ~85mL or so in the basin at the end of a full set of runs.

How precise is each dispensation?

Within 0.1mL, with a standard deviation of 0.02mL

How frequently does it require calibration?

You are not required to calibrate the machine if you are using the same style of cartridge for each run. However, it is recommended that you calibrate the machine whenever you change styles of cartridges or of the machine has been relocated.

How many units can it fill per hour per? Per day?

The 710 Shark can fill up to 100 cartridges per minute. Given that, it can fill up to 6,000 cartridges per hour and 144,000 cartridges over a 24-hour period, in ideal production conditions.

How long is the start-up/heat-up procedure?

~10 minutes to heat both the injector and basin.

Is it possible to run the machine continuously throughout a working day?

Yes. The machine was designed for continuous operation. You may continuously supply oil to the machine by pouring into the basin, or by cycling between basins.

How do variations in oil viscosity affect performance?

Different oil viscosities require different draw-up times from the basin to the injector and/or different oil basin and injector temperatures.

What is the highest viscosity fluid that the 710 Shark is able to dispense?

Our customers have been known to use up to 98% concentration with our machine. So far, viscosity has not been shown to impede performance of the 710 Shark.

What is the operating temperature range of the oil reservoir?

0-100°C. Common operating temperature for thick oils is 60-80°C

What are the electrical requirements?

The 710 Shark system runs on a standard 120V circuit. See Technical Specifications for more details.

With what variety can the 710 Shark be configured?

We can customize many different aspects of your 710 Shark in order to accommodate all different types of tinctures, capsules, pods, etc.

How often does preventative maintenance need to be performed on the machine?

Cleaning is by far the most important preventative maintenance item which can performed daily/after use. It will increase longevity of the machine and ensure consistent fills each time. Full injector head maintenance should be performed every 3 months or 500 fills.