As the cannabis industry grows and develops, so too do the cannabis cultural events like 4/20. It seems that each year, 4/20 gets larger with more companies throwing events and more states allowing recreational usage.

Given that this event isn’t going away any time soon, it’s interesting to look back at previous years and see what predictions we can make for what to expect. For example, this is the first year that we’ll see trends and data in Canada’s first 4/20 post-legalization. 

With the upcoming cultural holiday, I spoke with several industry leaders to see what their take is on last year’s 4/20 compared to what they expect to see this year.

This is what Convectium's founder and chairman, Danny Davis had to say:

“If I were to suggest a shift in trends between 4/20 last year and 4/20 this year, I would suggest that brands are becoming a more prominent feature in the market, particularly as consumers buy more oil and concentrate-based products. Likewise, we continue to see a cultural shift away from the ‘stoner images’ of the 20th century, and a shift toward more sophisticated consumers.

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